Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kettle - A Character Interview - What would he think of the world today?

Kettle - Character interview

What do you think of 2016?
There are so many people. It feels like it would be easy to get lost in the sea of faces. Here maybe I’d have a chance at disappearing into the crowd. People like me don’t stand out quite so much anymore. I like that. But the way we’ve turned to a new color and face and are pointing the finger of blame in their direction is pretty disappointing. Despite what Nora may think, I didn’t want to be right that nothing ever changes.
One good thing I’ve noticed is there are more people standing up for the disadvantaged. There is less turning away and more hands outstretched offering help.

What are the main differences between 1950s and now?
There are more rules. It’s harder to slip through, go unnoticed. The net holes are smaller. But I think the price of being caught is less. So that’s a good thing.
I like the cars. The travelling. The celebration of other cultures. People seem like they’re trying to be more open to difference.
There are a lot of words that were just starting to grow back in the fifties. I thought they’d be as tall as giant redwoods by now but some are still struggling to reach the light. Words like, equality, racism and peace.

What message would you want to send to your future self?
Kettle, you’re not going to end up alone.

What do you think of the technology of this age?
I want to know how useful it really is before I can make a judgment. Can it feed you? Can it find you a warm place to sleep?
Someone like me probably wouldn’t have access to this “technology”, so in a way it seems irrelevant to my life.

What would you do differently if you lived in 2015?
I think I would try to step out from the shadows. I would want to stop hiding my face, my features and stand proud next to Kin. I would find a way to keep my family together.
I’d put more faith in the people around me. I’d force myself to believe that things can change and if they didn’t, I’d change them myself.
I’m tired of hiding. Maybe in this new time, I wouldn’t have to do that anymore.

What would you say to someone who was suffering in the same kind of situation as yourself?
Being homeless is partly a state of mind. Don’t untie yourself from everyone and float through the streets like a ghost. You won’t survive.
Find and build a family. They will keep from sinking.