Monday, September 9, 2013


A while back I got a knock back from a publisher who kindly explained that teen pregnancy was a not a device that YA readers were into right now. I had to laugh and then I got a bit offended. 

In my opinion, there should be more YA books tackling the subject of teen pregnancy in contemporary, real life settings and in speculative novels like my book, The Woodlands. After all it still exists, it still affects young people and I would have thought it was an interesting topic to read about. But that's just me.

For fun lets look at some statistics:

"Australian teen pregnancy rates are currently 17 per 1000 teens compared to the US at 51 per 1000; Britain, 27 per 1000; and New Zealand, 26 per 1000. Germany, 10 per 1000; France, eight per 1000; and the Netherlands, four per 1000."

That's quite a few teenagers. And it's hardly just pregnant teenagers who would want to read books tackling the subject. Think about how many teenagers think about it, have a friend who is pregnant or worried she might be or simply know a girl at school. It is something that is always talked about in one way or another.

I refuse to believe that teen pregnancy is a subject young adult readers would shy away from.

Here's a loooongggg list of popular YA books featuring teen pregnancy if you're interested: