Thursday, March 10, 2016

A List of Frankie’s Favorite Things - Nora & Kettle

A List of Frankie’s Favorite Things

1.    The first thing I love is ma sister Nora. She’s the bestest and keeps me safe. 
She would never hever let anythin’ happen to me as long as she lives.
2.     Ma other favorite thing is runnin’. Runnin’ down the hall, runnin’ down the stairs. 
Runnin’ when I’m not sposed to be runnin’.
3.     I love my mommy. Even though she’s not here anymore, 
I still love her and there’s nothin’ no one can say about it. So there.
4.     Maybe my favorite thing ever is the subway. I love the whooshing and the smell and the people, 
all the people. Though I don’t really like the noise of lots of people, it hurts ma ears if I don’t turn ma hearing aid down.
5.     I think I haf to say Deddy. I like ma deddy. Sometimes he gets mad tat me but I understand. 
It’s not easy havin’ a kid tat doesn’t work right. It’s frustrating.
6.     Can I say Nora again? I love the things we do together. 
School things. Playing things. Whispering and shouting things.
7.     Ma favorite dress is red. It’s frilly and puffed like a blood colored cloud. 
I only wear it on special days.
8.     Pancakes! Pancakes for every meal! That would be my most favoritist thing in the world. 
Syrup and butter stacked to da ceiling!
9.     I also really like Saturdays. Saturdays I don’t hef to brush ma hair or wear ma hearing aid 
or even change outta ma pyjamas til’ ten o’clock.
10.  I like those nights when it’s quiet. When Deddy’s not home coz he works late and 
it’s just me and Nora. Sometimes we look out the window and wish for things. 
I wish for a nice place for Mommy to live and for ma ears to work. 
I know what Nora wishes for though she won’t tell me herself coz she thinks it’s bad luck.

Nora wishes she could fly away.

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