Tuesday, July 29, 2014


To celebrate the upcoming release of the cover for THE WANTED, I thought I'd let you know some of the things that I've always wanted that my husband has told me 'NO' to.

1. A pony.
Not to ride and I'd probably forget to feed it, but just so I could look out my window and squeal, "look a pony, a pony!!" (This is what I currently do whenever we drive past one)
The reason I was told 'no' to this was the not riding it, not feeding it and a general lack of a field to put it in. And my husband says, "you can't buy something just to scream at it."

2. A deep fryer.
Apparently I have no self-restraint and if I bought a deep fryer I would deep fry everything and become enormous.

3. To be perfectly round.
The deep fryer would probably help with this but if I was going to get bigger I wanted to go all in. Be perfectly round. Of course this is terribly unhealthy and impractical but I always loved the idea of looking like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

4. An alpaca.
They are just soooo cute. But I'm terrified of them. This would fall into the same category as the pony, I guess. You can't own an animal just to squeal at it.

5. A hill.
I always wanted to own a hill. I haven't been specifically told 'no' to this one but I don't think there are a lot of hills on the market.

6. A clothes dryer.
Now this may sound seriously boring but I hate laundry, I hate hanging it up. And like the deep fryer, if I had a clothes dryer I would put everything in it. So I've been told 'no'.

7. A tinny.
I LOVE fishing. And I NEED a boat. But apparently they are a little out of my budget of $6 and there's all that practical stuff about where to keep it etc etc.

8. A firemans pole.
How fun would that be? But again the practical side always ruins the fun. We live in a one story house and besides if we didn't, I don't fancy shimmying back up one to get to the top level.

9. An F100 truck.
They are so cool. So boxy. That's all I need in a car. But husband says 'no' because they are gas guzzlers, and they are so wide I wouldn't be able to park it. I disagree. I think if I had one I'd be queen of the road and everyone would just get out of my way!

10. Every kitchen appliance known to man.
I am fascinated with all the different 'makers' out there. Donut makers, waffle makers, fairy floss makers, pie makers... I want them all. But since a kitchen the size of our whole house isn't on the cards then maybe not.

What are some of the ridiculous things you've always WANTED?