Saturday, July 13, 2013


People are always asking me "where did you find the time to write three books?" 

The answer is pretty simple. You make the time by squishing it in between, during and around the various kid related time sucking activities you have to do every day. But there is a massive consequence. I'll only detail a few because I don't have enough time (argh that word again!) 

When you've squished some writing related duties into your kid time things happen. Things happen because you're not paying attention to the three little monsters that are surreptitiously taking full advantage of your diverted focus towards the computer screen.

Today I was updating my blog page and Monster Three rubbed her chubby fingers together in delight and thought 'now's the time to get out mummy's photo albums, pull random photos out, bend them into various shapes and then shove them into the gaps in the couch cushions.' Cue evil laugh 'Wahaha!'

Monster One decided it was the perfect time to snag the ipad, attempt to purchase various aps and generally completely rearrange the display so I can't find anything. I'm hoping he hasn't accidentally sent an email to a publisher saying "Who are you?" or "No thanks."

And finally, Monster Two raided the freezer, filled a bottle full of iceblocks and then proceeded to see if the then, very heavy and very cold missile would bounce off of Monster One and Monster Three's heads. (It did but it left dents)

Once the tears and screaming began, it was hands down, step away from the computer!