Thursday, January 31, 2013

Living in fear of little fingers.

I have decided that I need a fire guard around my desk. Maybe with an electrified fence and some barbed wire sprinkled along the top for good measure. This is because I have the irrational but persistent fear that someone with little, child-like fingers is going to destroy my work. (ie) A Child.

I know this is irrational since my children are fairly computer illiterate and to completely delete something they would have to do several commands in succession which is beyond any of their capabilities. Hey, I'm not saying they aren't smart but computer geniuses they are not. But every time one of them goes near the computer and/or keyboard I have a miniature heart attack. And maybe I start screaming and flailing my arms around like a crazed cat lady.

I think what I should do is deem the area on and around the desk as my territory and charge anyone who crosses the electrified fire guard, barb-wired barrier with trespassing. Including my husband.