Monday, January 28, 2013

Dora, I owe you

Dearest Dora the Explorer,

I owe you gratitude. Although your head is shaped like a football, you have horrible fashion sense (purple and orange??) and you're friends are wankers, I mean if someone's stealing from you everyday maybe you should stop helping them out of the witch's tower, I still want to thank you.

When I'm stuck in a writing warp where I definitely don't want to be disturbed you are always there with your map and your backpack. Your show is so background noise inoffensive that I can happily type away while my toddler watches you and I can pat myself on the back and tell myself that she's learning spanish. Ha!


Distracted Mother

Damn it, my son just started reading over my shoulder and asked why Benny the Bull is a wanker and what wanker means.