Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Mystery of Milk in Bags...

When you move to another country you think you'll be swept off your feet by the romance of it. The big, big change of it. And some things are really different. They drive on the other side of the road. They think speed limits are open to interpretation and then there's... plastic bags...

It took us several trips to various supermarkets to be brave enough to buy the milk in bags. We lugged the two plastic bladders full of milk, bouncing around like misshapen implants, into our trolley and stared at it. The kids poked it and laughed. I yelled at them, scared they would pop it in the aisle and we'd be escorted from the supermarket. Silly Australians. A trail of milk behind us.

Milk in bag inside another bag 😳
We brought them home, put them on the bench and went, 'now what?" It seemed pretty messy and with dopey almost teenagers in the house, a downright recipe for disaster. How did you get the milk out the bag without it going everywhere? Buy a jug, I guess. Again, we showed ourselves to be complete noobs, buying a water jug to pour the contents of the milk into. All wrong.

Something I just have to get better at is asking questions. This is probably my number one issue. I slink around people in the school parking lot. I wait for someone to come to me. It's probably not going to happen. I am very scary looking, after all. Point is, we wasted money on jugs, washing and felt like idiots because we didn't ask.

Must buy this jug. Not an ordinary, run of the mill jug.
So, for any new-to-Canada milk enthusiasts, scratching their heads at this bizarre plastic blob wondering how you do it. Here's the scoop: You have to buy a specific milk-in-plastic-bags jug. Designed exclusively to house your milk bladder. It costs about $1.50 and even comes with a just asking for injury razorblade inside the handle.

The milk IN the jug. That's it! Simply slice the corner off
 with the razorblade that sits inside the handle.
If allowing your kids to dot it, have 911 on standby.
Bloody sharp!

So after a embarrassing long month of wondering. Mystery solved!

Now if anyone can tell me where you find full fat milk I'd be so grateful. I need the whole milk. None of this 2% nonsense. Gimme the fat!

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