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After five months of hardwork I'm so thrilled to show you the new Woodlands covers!

New Covers For A Timeless Series Our team at Clean Teen Publishing is thrilled to announce our brand new relaunch of author Lauren Nicolle Taylor 's award winning dystopian series— The Woodlands Series. This best selling fiction series with more than 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads has garnered attention from readers all over the world. The Woodlands Series is a complete series that's beautifully written, captivating, and digitally relaunching today with gorgeous new ebook covers. We've even got a free deal on the first e-book in the series so you can get started on your holiday binge-reading list this week. "It seems so rare these days to find a dystopian with an original vein in it. The Woodlands succeeds." - Author Pauline Creeden Previous Evolutions Of The Woodlands Series Covers... SLIDE to see prior cover evolutions of The Woodlands Series. Then, drop us a comment to let us know when which edition(s) you like the best. (Of cour

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